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Broken Links are links that send visitors to a webpage that no longer exists. Broken links can harm your site's SEO and usability. Broken hyperlinks on websites are not just provoking, their appearance may also generate some real damage to your online business and online reputation. Using this broken link finder will save you trouble, and you will be able to keep the credibility of your website. A broken links finder or dead link checker tool will find bad hyperlinks for any website. Broken links badly affect your website and search engine rankings.

When a link takes you somewhere else instead of taking you to the original website or the link shows a 404 error message. It means that the link is broken. Listed below are some of the most common causes of a broken link:

  • The website is temporarily or permanently unavailable
  • The web page has been deleted
  • The web page Permalink was modified or changed
  • The web page was blocked by a firewall or other similar software

Broken links make the user experience very unpleasant, and can damage the reputation of your website. It makes sense that having several broken links on a website is often referred to as 'link rot' - because it is as bad as the phrase sounds. Because of broken links, a website may lose some of the current users sooner or later and will get irritated enough never to visit your website in the future. It will also give a bad impression on your website's ratings with famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Why broken links can harm your website?

Having broken links or dead links on a website is not only frustrating but could affect your website’s reputation as well.

  • Lose some of the existing customer base (current users sooner or later will get frustrated enough to never come back).
  • Get problems with getting new customers (because of the dead weblinks people simply won't be finding things/pages they are looking for).
  • Damage your reputation online (most online customers consider stale hyperlinks as a demonstration of no respect for them from the site's owners).
  • Harm your website's ratings with major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

We know that traffic is one of the major components of having a good page ranking on search engines. So, you must ensure that all broken links on your websites are cleared as this can help increase traffic on your site. Moreover, instead of removing a page redirect to a different page using a 301 redirect method. Just by creating a .htaccess and then redirecting to a new page.

As a search engine optimization expert, you need to take care of several things that affect the ranking of a website. It is important to update your website regularly, especially when using external links because your partner's website won’t always notify you if they have made any changes or moved the link to another location. There is also the possibility of external servers being brought down temporarily or permanently as well as domains that could be expired or sold. These are some of the things that you cannot control, but you can take precautionary action by checking your website regularly with this broken links finder.

Finding Dead Link on your website requires many hours and human effort because you have to go through hundreds of site pages, to find and alter broken links. Even it is impossible for a human, to locate broken links on a website. So all you need is the Broken Link Finder Tool which will crawl your site and display the pages with 404 errors or broken links within a few seconds only.

If you can't determine dead links to your websites by yourself, you can use our free online tool. Our Broken Links Finder Tools drags your website and displays the reports in a clear and well-designed table. To check your website for broken links, get on this page where you are now already. In the space provided, enter your URL and then click on the 'Check' button. Our system uses a unique algorithm that will process your request, and it will show the results right away.

You can also check your keywords position by using our free Keywords Position Checker tool. Which is awesome. We hope our free backlink checker tools will provide you with the ultimate search engine optimization solutions.





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