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Page Authority is simply used to discover the ranking of your website when tested with the algorithm set for it. Page Authority is tested through the data extracted from the data on Mozscapes Web Index and the number of links that can be counted on the website as well as those from MozRank and MozTrust as well as numerous factors, which are more than 40 in number. Free Page Authority Checker tool for users without any captcha code. You can check up to 20 pages in a single go. No user sign-up is needed and easy to use.

Recently MOZ did important and prime updates to their backlink index you can expect to see some changes when it comes to the Domain Authority and Page Authority scores this tool returns. The most important reasons for these changes are:

  • Now, their new backlink index is 5 times larger.
  • This new index is about 30 times fresher and will be updated more frequently.
  • An update to the core algorithm responsible for calculating the Domain and Page Authority scores for your website.

Page Authority vs. Domain Authority

There are several measures of authority, both direct and indirect, created by Moz. The two most notable and widely used ones are PA and DA. If you are here on a page for page authority checker tool then you must also know the difference between domain authority and page authority. While page authority gives you an estimated ranking strength of just one page, domain authority on the hand is a measure of the visibility and ranking strength of the whole domain or sub-domain. You can check the DA or PA with the help of any domain or page authority checker.

How To Increase Your Page Authority?

The major source of getting a good Page Authority is from an external link. The main reason is that Moz Ranking uses a form of holistic ranking that cannot be easily influenced. Moreover, several other methods can be used to get yourself a higher ranking when something related to keywords is searched for online.

Use smart keywords, lots of people made several mistakes when it comes to the use of keywords. To get a higher ranking, opt for a lot of keywords at a go. Write articles that affect numerous topics you want to discuss with your page.

Having a great design exposes your page to a new level in the ranking. How? You might wonder. When anyone visits your website, the design of the website will be a determinant of how much they will like to explore your website. It will increase the page view and help in establishing trust for your website.

Regardless of the word count of your blog post, you will be doing yourself great disfavor by simply creating a long post with little or no depth. People need to see the number of researches you have put to work. It makes it easy for them to keep checking your page and doing that ranks your website higher.

When you put in the effort to add Title tags and Meta descriptions to your page, you make it easy for people to see what the main topic is all about whenever they see it on the various search engines.

While it is good to have a good ranking from the links you build; you might never get enough ranking if all your pages are filled with unnecessary links that make it hard for others to go through your website with the ease needed to do so.

One thing to note is that Page Authority is not focused and would never use such things as the number of keywords used or even the optimization made on the content.





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