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About Domain Authority Checker

Domain Authority Checker

Free domain authority checker tool for users without any captcha code. You can check up to 20 domains in a single go. No user sign-up is needed and easy to use.

Domain authority is a metric that was created by MOZ (SaaS company), to rate a website on a scale of 1-100, (100 being the best and 1 being the worst). So the higher the domain authority of a website, the higher it's ranking in search engines.

MOZ Trust is conducted by a couple of aspects:

1. Make it feasible and always link to quality web pages and don’t link to spam or illegal sites.

2. It has been recommended by Rand that your domain registration info could also play a remarkable role in deciding the trust factor for your domain. If you have 5 websites with the same or similar domain registration info, and 3 out of 5 are bad websites, it might make it hard for you to earn trust for the 2 quality websites.

3. It relies on how users are interacting on the web and is collected via different sources such as Google toolbar, Google analytics, and free Wi-Fi.

4. Let your domain age as much as it can because the older it is, the better it is. You can’t do much about it, but try not to change your domain name again and again.

How Domain Authority is calculated?

It is a ranking of a website that is calculated by Moz. Score updated on monthly basis. There are more than 100 factors used by MOZ to calculate it, some of those factors are as follows;

Age of the Website: It means when the website was live in the search engines. It does not mean that when the domain name was registered.

Back Links: The number of links pointing to your domain is also one of the major factors for calculating domain and Page Authority. To get backlinks you can also use our auto backlinks maker tool.

Types of Backlinks: if you have spammed backlinks pointing toward your webpage, then your website score will be low even if you have thousands of those links.

Quality of the Content: Quality of the content includes the average length of the text on your web pages. Also, Grammar and spelling mistakes fall under this category. If you have plagiarized content on your website then the Authority of that URL will be considered as low. So always, use the plagiarism checker tool to make sure the text of your article is 100% original. The length of the content on the webpage is also considered a big factor to increase domain authority. We have a word counter tool to calculate the total number of words and characters in the text. It’s Free

The speed of the Website: The loading speed of the website not only increases authority but also helps you to rank better in search engines.

Design of your Website: design does not mean, how attractive the design you have, it means, how much it is compatible with all browsing devices like tablets, cell phones, phablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

MOZ Trust: This Term is also introduced by Moz. MOZ trust of any website developed over time and they have different parameters to calculate it.

Social Signals: it means how much your website is being shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

Quality Images: Quality Images not only increase the session duration of your website but also decrease the bounce rate of the web page. All you have to make sure is that the images you are using are not copied, you can check the reverse image search tool for that purpose.

How to Increase the Moz Domain Authority?

  • Work on your off-page SEO
  • Work on your on-page SEO
  • Make your website mobile-friendly
  • Pay attention to your social signals
  • Provide content that is relevant, unique, and of high quality.
  • In short, work on improving ALL the factors, and also remain calm.





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