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If you have a website, then you must be having email accounts associated with them. These free email accounts are offered by the web hosting service provider. Email Privacy Checker can also help the webmaster to make out the website more secure and invulnerable. Email Privacy is now a crucial part of SEO. This tool finds available emails from given websites or URLs. Email Privacy is the tool to ensure that you wouldn’t become a victim of email scraping tools online.

We provide an email address search tool that allows you to find your email address in seconds. The search for the email address or email finder has an easy-to-use interface, and works for free, making it your favorite tool. All you need to use this super convenient email search tool is a good Internet connection and the URL of the page for which you want to find the email address. Type the URL in the specified text box, and then click Send. After sending, wait for the email address finder to search for the email address. In a few seconds, you will receive the results that will inform you if the website to which you have provided the URL has an email ID or not.

If there is no email on the site, you will get the "No email found" status. If there is an email, it will be displayed.

Why use the Email Privacy Tool?

When it comes to finding an email address, the email address serves as a valuable tool that allows you to access the e-mail ID of a website.

However, it works like a two-edged sword. The same tool that webmasters can use to optimize their websites can be used by hackers and spammers to access e-mail from a website when there is one on the site. For this reason, website owners usually do not prefer to publish their email addresses in public, even though it would be a greater opportunity for them to interact with the public.

Email Privacy Tool is one of the most advanced and useful SEO tools created by Turbo SEO tools. Often users are looking for an easy way to find out about an email from a website for several reasons. For good reasons, however, it is believed that an email ID should not be mentioned on a website, as it can be hacked or blocked for illegal purposes. Therefore, an e-mail search is a tool that allows site owners to find out about e-mail addresses on their sites and make the necessary changes to avoid e-mail privacy issues.

All the email service providers keep reminding their users to protect their email privacy. To carefully protect your email id you must keep changing your password regularly. Avoid clicking on spam emails or even better report them. However, many people are careless in following their advice.

Protecting Email Privacy

Here are listed some steps that you can take to protect email privacy. Read the email privacy policy before you sign-up for any email service.

Use a strong password

The first step that you should take while setting up your email account is to select a strong password. Most of the popular email services display an image that shows the strength of the password you have selected. Most want the password to contain a minimum of six characters. They also advise you to mix capital and lowercase letters with numeric and special characters.

Don’t use the following when creating a password:

  • Your name.
  • Names of your family members or pets.
  • Home address.
  • Cell phone or home phone numbers.
  • Names of favorite movies, celebrities, music groups, and song titles.
  • Common words.

Hackers are past masters at these tricks and use complex algorithms that include all this information when they try to crack an email account.

  • Write down your password in your good old handwritten diary or notebook and save it.
  • Don’t permit the search browser that you use to store your password. Hackers know how to access the browsers and retrieve the passwords.
  • Don’t disclose your login and password to anyone.
  • When you use a public computer make sure to log out of your email account and delete the browsing history and cookies.
  • If you think your email has been hacked stop using it. Delete your email account.
  • Make it a habit to change passwords frequently.
  • If you get a notification from your email service provider; IGNORE IT. It’s false and a hacker wants to get hold of your information.
  • Use encryption for sensitive emails.

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