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Test your Website's Meta Open Graph Tags. Open Graph Checker allows you to check how a website is previewed on social media. Open graph meta tags help your social media sites to collect information. In simple words, the Open Graph Protocol is such a protocol that lets a webpage become a good object of a social media networking site. Because nowadays social media websites are the key drivers of many of the website's traffic. These are the series of tags that help the webmaster provide leading information for the social media of the webpage.

The impact of Open Graph on SEO is restricted. The Open Graph protocol is visualized primarily on social networking websites e.g. Facebook, and Twitter and not to search engines like Google, and Bing. Open Graph was the brainchild of Facebook and was launched in 2010. What it does, is that it promotes integration between other websites and Facebook.

Open Graph tags in the header of your webpage don't influence the SEO performance but still, they are fruitful to make your webpage an enriching social media object. Therefore, for Search Engine Optimization, the bloggers or webmasters should mainly highlight their attention on the Meta description and title tags of their web pages. Developing the tags must be planned and done carefully.

Where to place Open Graph Tags:

To add Open Graph Tags, you simply have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. First of all, you need to add a namespace "" to HTML Tag.
  2. Now place the meta tags with content and property attributes between the head ( ) tags.
  3. You can define the following 4 Open Graph Tags like "Specifications"
  • Og: title (Title Your Social Media Content)
  • Og: url (Useful for URLs)
  • Og: type (Describe Type of Shared Content)
  • Og: description (Control the Description of a Link)
  • Og: image (Boost Engagement of Visitors)

The usage of Open Graph tags is largely self-explanatory. The following example illustrates the basic implementation:

                        <html prefix="og:">
                        <meta property="og:title" content="The Title" />
                        <meta property="og:type" content="website" />
                        <meta property="og:url" content="" />
                        <meta property="og:image" content="" />

Along with these basic tags, you can use some other tags, such as og:locale, og:site-name, og:video and og:audio. With og:locale, you can set the language territory and location. Without this tag, the default settings will be English and the United States.

If you have implemented Open Graph Tags (OG tags) on your website and you want to check them. You can go to use tools and use the OG checker tool. Once you navigate to the website; enter the URL of the website you want the meta Open Graph checker tool to check. It will run a check and if it finds the tags it will display them. In case it does not find any tags it will display a message.

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