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About Twitter Card Generator

Twitter Card Generator

Use the Twitter Card Generator or Twitter Card Meta Tags Generator to create a huge impact on social traffic on your website with Rich Meta Tags for Twitter. Twitter was created in 2006 and quickly gained worldwide popularity. Open Graph is for Facebook similarly Twitter Card is for Twitter. With the Twitter card, you can attach content summaries, photos, videos, and other media to Tweets. The Twitter Card Generator helps the web developer to create Twitter Meta Tags for your website. It takes a few minutes to implement Twitter card meta tags on your website.

Nowadays, social media sites have become a place for businesses to advertise products. Twitter is one of the leading and top-ranking social media networks. Adding media files to your Twitter posts helps to make your tweets and posts more interactive and engaging. After providing Twitter cards, surveys indicated that the response from viewers to tweets had increased by over 30%. Twitter cards are incredibly easy to get started and implement. Twitter offers four different types of Twitter cards to drive customers to your website. The basic Twitter card tags are:

  • Summary Card
  • Summary card with large image
  • App Card
  • Player Card

The summary card has a title, description, and thumbnail.

The summary card with a large image has a title, description, and a prominently featured image.

The App card has a direct download to a mobile application.

The player card can provide audio and video media.

Twitter must approve your site before they issue you a Twitter card. The site will ask for some basic information regarding your website and the cards you intend to use. After you get the approval from Twitter the Twitter cards meta tags that you have placed on your website will be picked up by Twitter and displayed. Now you can market your business using Twitter cards to advertise it. The Twitter card is incredibly easy and provides another way to promote business and get new customers.

If you are having problems generating Twitter cards or you are not familiar with Meta tags and their placement in your website's source code. Twitter Card Generator is a free SEO tool and can be found when you navigate your browser to the site. Scroll down the home page in 'SEO Tools' and when you find the tool, click on it.

After you enter the required fields the Meta tags for Twitter cards will be generated. If you have mistakenly entered the wrong information, you can go back and correct it. Copy the generated Meta tags for Twitter cards into the head of your website. Test it, in case of any mistake go back to the Twitter card generator tool and generate the code again.

Replace the incorrect code in your website's HTML head and refresh and run again. If all goes well your Twitter Cards will be visible to your followers. Your website's traffic should get a boost from this and your goal should be achieved. Remember to keep posting fresh content on your website as people tend to very easily forget the last day's news.

If you are facing issues on your Twitter cards ensure that your robots.txt file is not blocking Twitter. The robots.txt may be disallowing Twitterbot. In this case, you will have to change the robots.txt to allow Twitterbot. It means to remove any 'Disallow' for Twitter in the Robots.txt file. You want the Twitterbot to visit the site and pick up the linked content.

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