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Page Speed Checker refers to the amount of time that a user needs to spend to show all the content of a specific web page. It is also the time that a web browser takes to get the information from the server. Use this free Website Speed Test tool to analyze the website loading time, optimize web page performance, and learn how to make them faster.

This Website page speed Checker tool is the only tool you need to check whether your web pages are loading fast or not. It can provide you with all the information you need that is related to website load time. This tool plays an essential role in making the website user-friendly. Internet users don’t want to wait too long that is why website speed is one of the critical components when it comes to classifying the page speed insights.

The page speed checker can calculate the accurate time taken to load all the plots of the webpage and will also show the separate time taken by a page to load. This tool will give you a detailed idea that how much time it takes for a website to load. If you are not delighted or satisfied with the time is taken, then you can make changes to the webpage to improve the performance by editing or minimizing the code or using SEO techniques. Every internet user wants the webpage to load fast, otherwise, he will prefer to use another website.

How fast does my website load?

Nowadays, many factors can affect page speed, especially with advanced features that are added to web pages including:

  1. Slideshows
  2. Animations
  3. High-quality images
  4. High-resolution videos
  5. External Applications etc.

Keep in mind that website load time is very important to your web visitors. Most of them would expect a website to load in just less than 2 seconds. Otherwise, they will leave the page and move on to the next website. So don’t forget to use at least once this page speed test. The free Website Speed Test opens a browser and loads all HTML, CSS, images, and scripts for a webpage. Website Performance Monitoring lets you put any page to the test.

Ways to Increase Google Page Speed

If you have checked your webpage loading speed and you have observed that it is taking much time to load, then use the below-mentioned tips which you should start following right now:

  1. Minimize server response time.
  2. Decrease HTTP requests.
  3. Compress your images and icons.
  4. Authorize browser caching.
  5. Reduce the no of plugins that you use on your website.
  6. Use a Compressor or Minifier Tool for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – this helps optimize a website and increase page speed. To do this you can use a specialized tool to minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes, it is the fastest way to remove unnecessary characters such as commas and spaces in the script. After the minifying code, go for a page speed test so you may get an idea of how effective is HTML and CSS minifying.

Always remember that a website that has a faster website load time is guaranteed to gain positive results.

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