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HTML Compressor or HTML Minifier to compress HTML code

Online HTML Compressor or HTML Minifier to compress HTML code by removing line breaks, tabs, and extra spaces. Safely reduce the size of your HTML code. It's a free HTML Compressor tool and using this tool can result in a careful reduction in HTML file size. It's especially a good practice to compress HTML files if you run a website or service that requires a lot of bandwidth. The online HTML Compressor is used to compress HTML code by removing unnecessary white spaces, line breaks, tabs, and other extra objects. Results in highly compressed HTML. The tool also shows the savings you got by compressing your HTML.

HTML Compression or HTML Minifier is the process of taking out unnecessary or repeated data without sacrificing the resource that is normally processed by the browser; these include - unused code, code formatting, and comments, the use of a shorter variable and function names, to name a few. It can help improve the user experience because it can increase the speed of the page loading time. This is made possible because, by HTML Compressor, the empty tags, white space, and other unnecessary data were eliminated. Even the function names are made shorter as well as the other codes that are not utilized were removed.

HTML Compressor tool will save space in your HTML files and make them much smaller by doing the following:

  • Eliminating text line breaks from the code.
  • Eliminating tab spaces.
  • Eliminating double spaces with single spaces and much more.

This tool is very helpful for site owners as it nicely reduces the HTML file size. You can compress an entire HTML file or just an HTML code, whatever you like. If you have a very high bandwidth website, then compressed HTML files can save you a lot of money by reducing server bills. It is one of the best and easiest ways to optimize a site. It is also very helpful if you want to remove variables or functions that are not needed, or simply modify its variable contents.

If you want to increase the speed of your website, then you should use this HTML Minifier.

  • A smaller HTML file size can make your website load faster for end-users.
  • This will make your code difficult to copy.
  • It removes all unnecessary characters leaving only the ones needed to make your code work.

Page Speed plays an important role if you want to have a good page rank in search engines like Google. There are two ways to measure speed - page load time (this is the time that a particular web page takes to completely load) and time to reach the first byte (the time that it takes for your browser to get the first byte of information from the webserver). Search engines like Google are more likely to measure the page speed based on the 'time to the first byte'.

If you have optimized HTML files it will make your site load faster for users and using HTML Compressor is one of the easiest ways to optimize a website. It will also remove all unnecessary characters and leave only what is needed to make your code work. Just paste your HTML in the form below or upload an HTML file, press the "Submit" button, and you get compressed HTML code.

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